Human Growth Hormone (HGH)

Using Human Growth Hormone for Bodybuilding

A lot of bodybuilders are casually aware with human growth hormone and its general advantages, and a few actually understand these benefits. While interested in using human growth hormone for bodybuilding, you need to know the results of the latest studies on athletes, as well as various techniques used in the gym or the proper diet to raise HGH secretion to its maximum limits.

HGH is secreted in particular times of your life by the pituitary gland, a small gland located at the base of your brain. The hormone is secreted as the response to various favoring factors. It is a peptide molecule, a protein that consists of a chain of 191 amino acids, tightly connected to one another in a very special way. Just like the name says, Human Growth Hormone increases the protein synthesis in the muscular tissues and reduces the catabolic processes of protein destruction that takes place while you go through exhausting efforts. The anabolic action of the growth hormones differs from testosterone’s effect. Aside from a powerful anabolic effect, they also assist in destruction of adipose tissues (fat), which means extra muscular mass and leaner muscle. It sounds pretty well at the first view. Human Growth Hormone doesn’t stimulate the muscular growth directly. Instead, it stimulates the production of other anabolic hormones in the body. Although insulin can cause fat to accumulate, HGH changes the way it interacts with the body. When the amounts of human growth hormone significantly grows, body fat drops, even if there are other hormones with opposite effects.

Most of HGH’s effects have been documented through research programs of injections under strict medical monitoring. Surprisingly, scientists found out that high levels of HGH in the body strengthened the immune system, as the antibody activities were significantly improved. When the subjects were given 1 mgc a day – the dose a healthy human secretes in 24 hours, the active muscular mass grew 1.5 kg, while the fat decreased 2.5 kg. The immune system also improved and positive effects occurred in less than 2 weeks. Some other scientific tests proved that the higher the levels of cholesterol in your body, the smaller HGH secretion.

As for muscular growth, only a dose that is equal to the daily natural secretion is required to gain some positive effects. The general idea of these studies is simple – using human growth hormone for bodybuilding actually works. At the same time, injecting the HGH without a medical prescription and without being carefully monitored by a physician may not just be illegal in some states or countries, but it also comes can be extremely dangerous. For instance, you might experience a negative resistance of insulin that manifests through the body’s inability to use the glucose in the vascular system. Another severe secondary effect can be acromegaly, an exaggerated growth of the skeletal tissues.

The risks are even higher when it comes to athletes. Sometimes adverse reactions are usually irreversible. You can achieve positive effects through an intelligent manipulation of the HGH secretion in your body. Even a minimal increase may stimulate the muscular growth and the fat loss. In order to successfully stimulate the HGH, you need a rigorous coordination of multiple factors. If even one of these factors is not taken in consideration, the effects of this therapy can become unpredictable. Using HGH for bodybuilding will also help your liver regulate glucose. The glucose is deposited rather than used as an energy source. The body is forced to decompose fat tissues to generate the required energy for effort. Since they are not used, the proteins and glucose will be utilized for construction and reformation of muscular tissues.

Now, how do you stimulate natural HGH secretion? It is very important to know that 50% of HGH secreted by the body is produced within the first four hours of sleep. This aspect highlights the importance of a good healthy sleep. Besides, scheduling your diet with high amounts of proteins, an adequate training and HGH supplements will together boost your HGH levels. Two amino acids – ornithine and arginine – in excessive amounts also increase HGH levels. Age is another determinant factor in natural secretion. After 30 years old, the body will start producing significantly lower amounts of this hormone. HGH starts dropping around 20 years old, as the body is no longer growing. This is why it is very important to know how to stimulate it. The body keeps producing the hormones, but its ability to spread them via your bloodstream decreases. Some experts reached a very interesting observation. It seems the human growth hormone secretion grows in febrile states, such as the flu, mostly because it helps combat infection, germs and other attacks on the immune system. The studies have also revealed the fact that simple carbohydrates ingestion before a training session block the natural HGH secretions. It is extremely important to schedule your meals at least 2 hours before a training session.

Now, what about your training sessions when using HGH for bodybuilding? The lactic acid that forms during physical effort – that burning sensation you feel after working hard – is an important mediator of HGH secretion. You want to use techniques to constantly stimulate this burning sensation to encourage HGH production. Power sets consisting in a few reps with heavy weight are not recommended. You want to know the difference between a friendly burning sensation and a painful sensation that brings in some injury risks.

With a proper education and care, you can always be one step ahead your gym colleagues in building great muscle mass. Keep in mind that such techniques must be approached with the recommendation and under strict monitoring of your physician, otherwise you are taking some huge risks.